Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Anchors", Adaptability & Positive Pregnancy Tests.

So I'm having hideous Catholic guilt for not blogging for awhile. My apologies faithful readers! I WILL be a more faithful writer! The last few months has been a tad insane. But now that the dust has settled (and this is a very literal statement due to the kitchen renovations that are now completed at our house- YAY!), the Tempe Art A Gogh-Gogh finally... well- went, and the first string of pieces sold from Suite 323, life started resuming to it's normal cozy levels of chaos and insanity. Annnnd cue the positive pregnancy test.

You always wonder what your reaction is going to be when you discover news like that. Maybe the sticker shock isn't as severe if you were actively trying and planning for baby... We were not. Not that we necessarily weren't, or the news was unwelcome- we were thrilled after the paramedics cleared me. (slight over exaggeration) But it was still shock, personified. To the extent that when I went into the backyard to call Ben and tell him (because I didn't want to panic my 7 year old step son who was cooped up inside the house with hives and a swollen face), I was crying so hysterically he thought someone in our family was literally dead. Classy, huh? I like to do it big. Hopefully next time I can break the news in a little more well thought out, less terror-inducing way. What made it even more surprising was that the month before I had been to the doctor and she told me I might have a hard time getting pregnant without getting on fertility medication. (Thanks doc.) Fast forward to September- the busiest month of my life, pulling all nighters (not that kind) getting ready for Suite 323's grand opening... and I get pregnant. Someone still needs to review how with me because I swear I hardly saw my husband all month. What a blur.

So that's where I've been. Hiding out under the pregnancy cloud of chaos and confusion that me and 75% of other girls I know seem to all have been caught under at the same time. Including my sister. We welcomed little Jasper to the family on March 27th. He's adorable and perfect and I'm madly in love with him.  I'm officially 30 weeks now. June 20th is t-minus 9 weeks and counting. We're having a little girl, Monroe. =) Another curve ball. I used to say I never wanted a daughter. Now I can't imagine having anything else. And she loves music. Go figure.

So instead of making the spare bedroom my office, we're making it a nursery. =) And now I'm trying to see what I can make Suite 323 evolve into, now that "the game" has officially changed, in the most wonderful way. I would love it to grow into something I could have the freedom to work when I want, with my baby girl on my hip... that's there for me when I need it so I can be a mom first. Seems like a lot of Etsian mom's out there do it every day. I need a piece of their mojo.

I guess in this life the only thing you can really bank on is that nothing is ever certain. And the only degree of separation between insanity and opportunity is adaptability in any given circumstance we each respectively deal with. That and a strong network of people around you that can keep you grounded when you do happen to drift over to the city limits of Insanity-ville. Thank you to all my favorite "anchors" in my life... You know who you are.

Now go get 'em tigers.

PS- I, Courtney Hernandez, solemnly swear not to let months go by before I blog again. Even if I'm dilated to 9 and 100% effaced.