Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get By. With a Little Help. From Our Friends.

So sang 4 infamous mop tops from across the pond.

But have you ever really thought about that?

I just did. And I still am right now. Tonight we threw a surprise bridal shower for my nearest and dearest beloved girl (she knows who she is) who's been having; let's call it- the best of times... and the worst of times. No really though. We're talking the highest highs of life with the lowest lows of life- shaken, not stirred, and served on ice. Her attitude: upbeat with moments of utter despair. I honestly don't know how she's doing it. And without unnecessary elaboration, I feel desperate to make it better for her somehow, some way.

We get by with a little help from our friends.
(and sometimes this process takes a little longer than we would have hoped)

I'll admit it. I'm a loner. An oddly extroverted... but-in-moments-of-crisis-needs-to-be-alone-r. It's weird. I know. I get it. Weird. But have you have had something really, really bad happen- to where you were so terrifyingly displaced out of your own head that you were afraid to be alone? Yeah. Me too. Not a happy memory to draw on. But I remember getting by. And in those moments of despair, you look back and realized, you hung on. And it don't matter with what. A thread? Great. Skin of your teeth? We'll take it. The point is you endured it. And are past it. Or are learning to cope with it. At some point every crisis becomes just a bad memory.  But sometimes we take for granted the small things that we can do to help others until the relief of time or resolution comes their way. And it will come. It's just that the help of our friends gets us by until that time comes. That. Is. Huge.

So my dear beloved girl- she had a great night tonight. A well deserved night full of family & friends (wine) love & laughter (wine) and cake too. The kind with lots of frosting on it. A happy memory amidst some turmoil is such a priceless gift when you start to realize that you have forgotten what happiness feels like. She said to me "Thank you so much. I needed this. From the bottom of my heart this means so much to me." And her eyes said the same. And it felt good to have given her a whole piece of happiness to soothe the persistent searing burns of the harsh, heart-breaking reality this dumb world has to offer at the most inopportune times. There really is no greater happiness than in giving.

So... that's all I really wanted to talk about tonight. Life is hard sometimes. None of us are immune. Be there for others to make it better. And if you find anyone that can make it better, hold onto them for dear life. It's the only way we all get by... little by little.